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Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash
By Krisalis
Spectrum 128K

Published in Sinclair User #112

Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash

When a company produces a sports game, they usually try to get a top athlete to put their name to it. Krisalis only had one choice as Jonah Barrington put his name to New Generation's squash game a few years ago as Britain's top player. So, they were left with a choice of one. Jahanghir Khan is the best damn squash player on the planet. And they've complimented Jahangir by producing the best darned squash game on the Spectrum.

Krisalis certainly haven't skimped on presentation with this; from the attractive intro screen to the excellent options menu - this is quality design. What's extra special is that the features available have not been sacrificed either. You can take on the computer's squash ladder opponents in one player mode or two players can knock up together (oo-er!). You can change a player's name, practice a match, change ball type (blue being the fastest down to yellow) change the number of games per set and you can even choose what language to use (That's English, Spanish or Italian - not normal, colourful and Bernard @*!!!ng Manning!)

Play is by joystick and it's perfectly simple - just run around the court and hit the ball - there's even the option to nave a second service. These rules are identical to those used in the real game. Players even walk across court to pick up the ball when it's their service.

The sprites work well, partlcularly when lobbing the match winning groin strainer to the back of the court and the sound is just what you'd expect if you bounced a rubber ball inside a small wooden box.

Playing against the computer, you start off at the bottom of a ladder and must work your way up by defeating each of the progressively more adept computer players. The ones at the bottom are fairly easy to overcome but towards the top, the computer players are cast iron, father-less blighters and much ball bashing, joystick crunching, finger-blistering skill is needed to make any headway with them at all.

All said and done it's well worth slogging it out with Jahangir and his mates. He is widely regarded as being the fittest man on the planet by his sporting chums who he runs ragged! So, if you make it all the way up the league to take on Jahangir, make sure you're stocked up with plenty of deodorant!

Label: Krisalis Memory: 128K only Price: £11.23 Tape, £15.31 Disk Reviewer: Steve Keen

Overall Summary

Jenghir Khan IS the greatest squash game ever on the Spectrum - progressive, challenging and above all, skillfully put together. Jenghir Khan Squash is conqueror of the world!

Steve Keen

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