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Fists Of Fury - Edition 2
By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #113

Fists Of Fury (Second Edition)


Take four good games, strip them of their original packaging, re-collate the cover art work and put them all in one box with an accompanying manual and you just might have a mega product. Well that's exactly what Virgin have done with this martial arts bash. And what a bash it is!

Shinobi, The Ninja Warriors, Dynamite Dux and Double Dragon 2. There can be anyone out their who hasn't seen these games before so don't expect any surprises. Various scenarios and thugs to beat up, a lethal dose of weapons to be had and lots of levels to contented with. When you get fed up of one game just slap in another. The games themselves rate from the good to the drop a load in your pants variety! The playability of Ninja Warriors is particularly rewarding (you can spring twenty feet into the air spiralling in a menagerie of patterns that would put a high board diver to shame, and still be able to land foot perfect and deliver a deft blow straight into the happy sacks!)

Shinobi's shuriken spewing antics are well at home in the compilation, but Dynamite Dux is a very obvious odd one out. Resembling a famous aquatic TV presenter, you punch and shoot your way through streets to rescue your kidnapped duckling (yuk!) whilst being chased by dogless heads and false teeth throwing crocks! it may sound quackers but it's sickeningly cute.

However it's Double Dragon 2 that's the real star. Best enjoyed bashing with a friend at your side. The graphics are excellent and the game play, although limited in its nature, is significantly advanced by the ability to use different weapons left lying about. Possibly the best compilation this reviewer's seen to date. Every game's hot so buy the lot!

Overall Summary

Ah-so kimo shanti. Waso mantarnae yeshi yoshi seyanara sarb hack hack! Confisuous he say "Many good games make lasting action-packed compilation"

Steve Keen

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