Amstrad Action


Author: CB
Publisher: Beyond
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #18


Many years in the future, the universe revolved around one planet, the administrative capital. Civilization had not yet advanced to a fully automatic delivery system for packages. Guess what? This is where you come in: you're Postman Pat of the far future.

You control a droid along many causeways, delivering packages here and there. On either side of these causeways are three speed platforms which transport the droids in both directions. The speed platforms get faster the further from the causeway you get.

Along the causeways are manholes - whoops, "access chambers" - into which you descend. These can be company despatch departments, garages, information centres or junction rooms.


Apart from delivering packages, there is little else to do. However, as necessary in all societies, there are garages where you can get your droid repaired - for a price!

At despatch departments, you can pick up packages to take to another company or you can deliver packages from other companies.

Information centres allow you to see the state of your droid's equipment. Junction rooms connect causeways. All in all, not a bad game. Sound lacks - umph! This game is saved by some very nice touches, like the lifts by which you descend into the access chambers.

Second Opinion

If you like delivering packages or if you have an unquashable desire to be a postman, Infodroid has lots to offer. The opening screen is full of zest: neat graphics, sound not too unbearable, and the action looks highly playable. Unfortunately it lacks staying-power material.

Green Screen View

Just clear enough to play.

First Day Target Score

Deliver five packages.


Graphics 84%
P. Fair to piddling.

Sonics 67%
N. Sound lacks any sort of excitement.

Grab Factor 58%
P. Initially quite addictive while you search through the locations.

Staying Power 54%
N. When you find you are only an upgraded delivery boy, enthusiasm tends to flag.

Overall 63%
Worth getting: you will still get many hours of fun from it.


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