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Amstrad Action

By Electric Dreams
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #18


The games based on the arcade game Gauntlet keep coming, but this one has got on the bandwagon a little late. It has the option for simultaneous two-player action like all the others and also has three different multi-load dungeons.

The game is very close to Gauntlet in concept, but the gameplay differs and the graphics even more so. You control one or two players in a dungeon, and must collect treasure, spells, food and keys to get through to the next level. The background graphics are detailed and atmospheric but don't use colour well.

Scattered all over the dungeon are various types of adversary who drain your energy when they touch you. They can be blasted or just avoided. You've got to find your way through the dungeon mazes to a staircase leading to the next level. Get through enough levels and you'll eventually need to load the next section.


The gameplay is reasonably quick but there are annoying pauses when the screen does not appear until after you walk off the edge of the previous screen. One good function is being able to swap treasure for energy when you near death and cast random spells to disorient, paralyse or kill monsters.

It's an enjoyable variation on the theme. But it falls down slightly by coming out some while after the others. And its weak colour use makes it look unimpressive. If you don't already have a Gauntlet type game it's worth a look but doesn't offer anything new from the others.

Second Opinion

If you want originality, don't look here. If you want a multi-channel driving beat, sorry. Perhaps you'd like vivid colourful graphics; no go. How about variety? Guess! But what you do get is a fairly entertaining game, a few hundred aliens to shoot, sore eyes, possibly backstrain, definitely deformed fingers - is it worth it? Yes, it has its moments.

Green Screen View


Dungeons have always been dark - surprisingly you can see everything in this one.

First Day Target Score

Complete Dungeon 1.


Graphics 67%
P. Detailed backgrounds and characters.
N. Bad use of colour.

Sonics 27%
N. Just basic blasting effects.

Grab Factor 78%
P. Addictive exploring and blasting.
N. Loses a lot by being beaten out by Gauntlet, Druid.

Staying Power 76%
P. Plenty of dungeons to complete.
N. Not much variety in the action

Overall 74%
P. Good buy if you don't have a Gauntlet-type game yet.


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