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SAS Assault Course
By Atlantis
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #18

SAS Assault Course

I never much fancied the prospect of a troop of mud-covered SAS killing machines yomping across my computer screen. But here they are. In fact, it's just one badly animated, blocky character who has to be guided through 22 screens of obstacles which have to be jumped over, climbed, crawled under and swung over.

You select from six icons (pictures rather than words on a menu) to decide which special action you will perform. While this is quite a novel idea it slows down the gameplay quite a lot. The six actions are jumping, climbing a ladder, climbing a rope, swinging on a rope, balancing and crawling. Because of the blocky main character, none of the animation is very good.

Most obstacles involve jumping onto platforms and then negotiating another type of difficulty They get a lot more complicated as you go along. Falling over, performing the wrong move and time affect bravery, stamina and endurance respectively: if these run out the game ends. It's also brought to an abrupt halt by falling into water. So remember next time you run into an SAS man, push him in a pond and he'll drown every time.

Sas Assault Course

The graphics let the game down badly. But a game with icons is original. The most frustrating thing about it is falling in the water, which immediately ends the game, sending you back to the start to play all those tortuous screens again. Not a bad budget game but it won't keep you hooked for long.

First Day Target Score


Second Opinion

There are budget games and there are budget games - this is one of them. Chunky graphics - not my style. Squeaky sound - not my taste. £3 - that's okay. But what is the difference between stamina and endurance? In my opinion the answer is not worth knowing and the game is not worth playing.

Green Screen View

Sas Assault Course


The Verdict

Graphics 28%
N. Blocky graphics.
N. Jerky animation.

Sonics 22% N. Only one little ditty.

Grab Factor 44%
P. Quite a challenge completing screens.
N. Death in water is frustrating.

Staying Power 37%
N. Not enough screens or variety.

Overall 48%
P. Not too bad at the price.


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