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Professional Snooker Simulator
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #18

Professional Snooker Simulator

Anybody out there remember Magnificent Seven Software and a game called Tournament Snooker? No, I thought not. That's who first released this game back in the middle of 1986; we first reviewed it in issue 8.

"... Certainly the best snooker or pool game I've seen on the Amstrad - smooth and realistic" is what former editor Peter Conner had to say about it. All all these months later, that statement still holds true. Like all PC's quotes, it was built to last.

This incarnation of the game has no changes from the last one. so don't get caught out by buying it twice, even though the price has come down three quid from before (well, £2.97 actually), making it even better value.

Professional Snooker Simulator

The game views the table from above and incorporates all the rules of snooker. The animation of the balls is very smooth and fast. They behave accurately as well. There's a fascinating demo that shows you the standard that's possible. But you'll have to practise to get good. (They say expertise in the real game is a sure sign of a misspent youth - 'they' will have to do studies over the next few years before coining an electronic update.)

You can't play against the computer but you can't have everything. Among options are a replay of your last shot, spin, concessions, practice mode and asking your opponent to play again. The presentation and implementation of the game has been well thought out so that it's the closest simulation you can get.

An excellent feature of the game is that, instead of just guessing from the overhead view the direction of shot, an shadow image shows you exactly where you will hit the object ball and makes the game much more playable. Far be it from me to argue with Peter Conner - still the best snooker simulator on the Amstrad.

Second Opinion

Professional Snooker Simulator

I enjoy the occasional game of snooker - not that I have a natural gift for it. Playing Professional Snooker on Arnold makes me look like a champ: good enough to take on the likes of Steve and company. That is very pleasing. On that note, let me get back to my game; it does wonders for my ego.

Green Screen View

Balls are coded so as to make it playable.

First Day Target Score

Double-figure break.


Graphics 67%
P. Smooth, fast ball movement.

Sonics 21%
N. Thonk, thonk, plonk.

Grab Factor 64%
P. Great demo mode.
P. Easy cue positioning and aiming.

Staying Power 74%
P. Snooker fans will never tire of it.
N. Can't play the computer.

Overall 76%
P. The best snooker simulator.
N. Snooker still isn't very exciting on a computer.


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