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By Elite
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #24


Another compilation where they use one good game to dump off a couple of slack games? Not quite, but close!

The first of the trio is Airwolf II. The game intro tries to make Stringfellow Hawke seem like an avenging angel. So, to decipher: You control his new helicopter. Shoot everything in sight. Along the way, you will find extra bits of weaponry to help you. A good game, with detailed but single-colour scenery. Movement is at a sensible speed. As with all three of these games, the music is catchy. This game however has more music than the others - and it's all great! Sound effects are also enjoyable. By far the best of the three games.

3DC - a strange name for a strange game. You are a submariner who must wander around the seabed in search of parts to construct a submarine. Control is rotational. You can pick up as many as six objects at a time. You also get the opportunity to control an eel - useful for getting into small spaces. Those without much patience have the option to send away for a solution.

Graphics are dull and lifeless in colour, though the bubbles and animation are good. Music is corny; it recites, "I do like to be beside the seaside." I suppose I could play it once or twice, since it's on the same side of the disk as Airwolf II.

Great Gurianos is the last of the trio. You play Gurianos on his most difficult mission yet. He must fend off natural missiles fired at him by flying nasties. By hitting certain objects with your sword, you can increase the energy of your sword, shield and armour. Every now and again, he will have to fight an awesome warrior. Use the shield to fend off his blows, and the sword to stab him. Graphics are big and very colourful. Sound effects during the game are bad. The only music is during loading.

Second Opinion

I enjoyed all three of the games, which certainly represent good value for money. Airwolf II and Great Gurianos are the more immediately rewarding with plenty of action, but all of them will prove testing in the long run. It's nice to see a compilation of games that haven't been released before. Let's hope there's more to come.

Green Screen View

All three are OK.


Graphics 59%
P. Large and colourful in Great Gurianos.
N. Dull in 3DC.

Soncs 82%
P. Fantastic range of good music.

Grab Factor 73%
P. Airwolf II is the easiest to play.
N. The other two are more like space-fillers.

Staying Power 71%
P. Lots to get into with all three games.
P. Airwolf II and 3DC are mappable.

Overall 71%
P. Three very different games for the price of one.


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