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Amstrad Action

By Cascade
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #18


ACE is a flight simulator which puts you in an AWAT - All-Weather All-Terrain - combat aircraft.

At this stage of the conflict, you have three Allied airbases remaining. You must fly sorties to seek and destroy the enemy landing forces. This you can do only after you have shot down the enemy air-force. Finally, you must sink the enemy fleet before they evacuate all their defeated troops.

Options let you select a skill level from 1 to 9, fly single-pilot or with a weapons man, choose the season in which you are flying, or to fly at night.


After choosing, you must then select the range of weapons you wish your diligent ground crew to arm your ACE Mark 2,1 Multi-role AWAT with.

Now you can take off. As usual, you accelerate, pull the aircraft gently up and raise the undercarriage. In flight, you can perform any stunts you wish, but I should try to shoot the enemy first - that's hard enough as it is!

This game would have been exceptionally boring but for the palm trees and molehills which loom convincingly before you. Sound is average and reminds me of a tired Lambretta.

Second Opinion


This isn't a patch on many flight simulators that have been out for some while. The flying is simple but boring, and the combat sequences aren't very exciting. Tomahawk and Strike Force Harrier easily blow this out of the sky.

Green Screen View

The Winter option suits green screens.


Graphics 48%
N. Very little action on screen.
N. Slow screen update


Sonics 24%
N. Very poor sound. Brmm Brmm!

Grab Factor 58%
N. Until you find a plane, action is very boring.

Staying Power 48%
P. Very nice re-fuelling in mid-air.
N. Frustration won with me - I gave up eventually!

Overall 54%
Quite a challenge if you can stick it out.


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