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Impossible Mission | Overall Summary

Impossible Mission

Although Impossible Mission 2 is soon on the streets, it's worth catching up with its illustrious predecessor. IM looks a tiny bit dated now, but it can't be denied that the animation is fine and the background graphics are designed to keep colour clash to a minimum.

The plot has been ripped off by dozens of lesser imitators, secret agent penetrates base of mad scientist, and has to fight through hordes of guardian robots, searching for information to destroy the base. In this case you don't so much fight as jump your way out of trouble, the agent's only defence against electricity-spitting droids is to execute a graceful leap over their heads.

The display of your pocket computer helps you to assemble puzzle pieces into the pattern which will reveal a letter in the final password.

Don't miss this one.

Overall Summary

Classic platforms-and-ladders-and-robots romp resurfacing on budget.