Husband Chores

Author: Dave E
Publisher: Bum Fun
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Husband Chores

Husband Chores is a game that attempts to turn monotonous housework into an exciting arcade game. It fails miserably.

You are placed in a four storey house in which the doors between rooms periodically open and close. Within the house are bins and toilets which cry out for attention. If they don't get it, a mound of waste begins to increase outside the front door. To deal with the bins, you simply run up to them, press M and then take them outside to be collected. To deal with the toilets, you have to get to the top floor, touch a plunger and then visit the stricken lavatory and press M. To deal with the mound, likewise visit it but touch a spade first.

Your man is very responsive and there's some skill involved in timing your rush through the doors to get to your destination without enduring long waits outside closed doors. But the chores themselves can hardly be termed fun... and responding to the wills of inanimate objects all gets very boring very fast.

If you love new Spectrum games then, by all means, check out Husband Chores as a free download. But don't waste your £12.00 on Bum Fun's physical release of the game. It's nowhere near in the same league as many other games on the same label.

Dave E

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