Sinclair User

How To Be A Complete Bastard
By Ricochet

Published in Sinclair User #82

How To Be A Complete Bastard

Based on the book of the same name, HTBACB has to qualify as the most tasteless game of all time (apart from, possibly, Turd Attack). Unfortunately, it didn't prove either too playable or too funny, so , it's better suited to a budget format than to full price.

Having gate-crashed a yuppie party, Ade's aim is to be as bastardly as possible in order to become a Complete Bastard. The split-level display shows two rooms in the house at once, and Ade roams through them searching for bastardly objects and performing bastardly acts. Your Drunkometer helps you assess your state of inebriation - some tasks can only be completed when you're pissed. There's also a Fartometer which builds up as you eat curries, and a Smellometer which records your bodily odour.

Joystick or keyboard control allows you to search for items, and a menu display at the top of the screen reveals further options. All in the worst possible taste, but hardly worth more than a few schoolboy giggles.

Overall Summary

Utterly, utterly tasteless exercise in drinking, farting and vomiting. Good, really.

Chris Jenkins

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