Sinclair User

Return Of The Jedi
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Sinclair User #108

Return Of The Jedi

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Atari churned out a series of coin-ops which in due course Domark converted for home computers. The first two, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, were 3-D vector graphic jobbies which stand the test of time fairly well. The third, Return of the Jedi, doesn't fare so well.

The three diagonally-scrolling episodes in the game are based vaguely on episodes from the film; in the first, speeder-bikes ski through the forests of the Moon of Endor, defending themselves from Imperial attack by bumping stormtroopers off their bikes or less-than-imperially shooting them.

In the second, Chewbacca pilots a scout walker through the forest, avoiding Ewok booby traps; in the third Lando Calrissian steers the Millenium Falcon through the Death Star II's internal bits (yeech!), avoiding columns and guntowers to reach and destroy the reactor by putting a high tech firelighter down it's shute.

Return Of The Jedi

There nothing you can put your finger on which is actually wrong with any of these routines; graphics, animation and sound effects are all fair. But there isn't a great deal of excitement and the action's pretty predictable. It's probable that only committed Star Wars fans our omourous Axeminsters after a piece of Wookie would consider The Return of the Jedi an essential purchase.

Label: Hit Squad Price: £2.99 48K/128K Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Overall Summary

The force isn't with this effort as far as I can see.

Chris Jenkins

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