Sinclair User

Techno Cop
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #111

Techno Cop

Techno Cop is not Robocop, that's for sure. But for crimebusting toughguys, this isn't a bad exercise in breaking baddies bad habits the hard way.

As a combination race and platforms Techno Cop has elements of Chase HQ, Rolling Thunder, and, let's be honest, a dozen other games of the same type. This budget re-release casts you as one of an elite band of Endorceers, armed with a VMAX twin turbo Interceptor sports car, a wrist computer, a snare gun and a .88 magnum. Receiving a mission from your comms unit, you must drive to the capture point, blasting enemy cars like a psychotic traffic warden, in time to catch the criminal and blow away his buddies.

The race section is fair, with smooth scrolling, a good impression of a speed and control over the car and a fair deal of excitement as you shoot up the baddies. Extra weapons and gadgets are awarded depending on your speed an bust rate (not size Fnaar!); the platforms section, though, is a bit slow-paced. Thugs inhabit the house, and can be scared off with a single shot or killed with a second. Lifts get you from one level to another and help you to find money, hostages, tools and first aid boxes. You have to avoid icing hostages before capturing the master criminal and moving on to your next mission.

Techno Cop

As a full-price title, Techno Cop was a bit repetitive and derivative; as a budget, it will keep you entertained for long enough to justify laying out the dosh.

Label: Kixx Memory: 48K/128K Price: £2.99 Tape Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Overall Summary

Driving, shooting blasting budget entertainment that should keep your pedal to the metal for a good while.

Chris Jenkins

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