Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.C.
Publisher: Micro Power
Machine: Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

Qix is a little copied arcade game and this is the first version for the Electron. The aim is to enclose as much territory as possible before being caught by the leptons, sub-atomic particles and chasers.

You start with a blank screen and have the ability to draw at two speeds. You move around the perimeter to where you want to be, start to draw at slow speed and go fast if you are in danger of being caught. If you manage to enclose an area, it fills with colour, depending upon your final speed and you then start to try and capture more space.

There are two ways to complete a sheet, you can capture more than 95% or you can trap the leptons on your side of the line. This destroys them and you progress to the next sheet.

Although complex to explain, the game is easy to learn and most addictive. The graphics are perfectly adequate and the sound is very good. The facility to use joysticks is also worthwhile and using the First Byte interface I found the response to be excellent.


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