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Home Computing Weekly

By Scisoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

I'm afraid this is not the sort of educational program I can fully recommend as I cannot see what need it is meant to fulfil.

The tape comprises five programs, all aimed at the nine-thirteen age range which seems about right.

In Lemonade you are a lemonade seller and decide how much lemonade to make in anticipation of the day's sales and depending on the weather. There is little if any maths in this program if you always choose to make less lemonade than the money you have available - so, rather pointless.

Astro Maths

Angle is an estimation program which shows an angle always in one orientation and is less than inspiring.

Glass is a wire-frame drawing program in which you set up a cross-sectional design and then the computer draws a 3D model of it; again, where's the real maths? I ask.

Percentage involves estimation of the shading on a 100 square grid and Hanoi is a very old logic game.

All told, very pedestrian with no sound or real value.


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