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Home Computing Weekly

By Scisoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

This company was one of the first to produce educational programs for the BBC and, so far, I have been impressed.

This package contains five programs for the 9-13 age range.

In Symmetry you draw a shape and see its rotational or reflected forms. Whilst this is interesting it isn't taxing or educational.

Fractions is better in that you have to say which is the larger of two fractions and then they are drawn for comparison on screen. This is good although the range of fractions is not large.

Shape is a naming game but your wrong answers are drawn so you have feedback and will learn from your mistakes. The problem here is that the circles are elliptical.

Factors is the most interesting, involving a balloon which collects each correct factor you choose and then the number pairs are shown.

Finally there is the well-worn game of Battleships which teaches co-ordinates but you can only guess the computer's square and cannot set up on your own.

Fair programs, but vastly overpriced.


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