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Home Computing Weekly

Which Salt?
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

This is the first chemical simulation program I have seen for the BBC Micro and it is a very good piece of work. The idea is that you have to play the analytical chemist and discover from various tests in your armoury which of the possible substances you have in your jar. They are all salts of various kinds and the joy is to identify both the cationic and anionic components of the salt then, having done so, place your reputation on the line and actually give your answers.

What is special about this program is that by taking the approach it does, the learning of what could be boring facts (sometimes needed for examinations), becomes a pleasure. It is many years since I have studied chemistry but I found some of the knowledge which I thought had gone forever back to the surface and I really did want to succeed.

The program comes with a sheet of notes on the knowledge required and a specimen record sheet too. Highly recommended for 'O'-level preparation. What a pity there aren't more programs of this quality, style and price.


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