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Home Computing Weekly

Fred's Fan Factory
By Software Supersavers
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

There were no loading instructions, and trying the usual LOAD "" failed at first. This, I discovered was due to a poor recording on one side. Turning the tape over, the program did load, on the second attempt.

The only instructions were on the cassette insert, and this just gave the three keys used in the game. The user is left to discover the object of the game for himself. You take control of Fred who runs along the base of the screen turning on fans to guide the balloons. You have to avoid spikes, while picking up small circles to score points. The balloons float to the top of the screen, through gaps in the floors of Fred's factory. There are four floors and eight fans.

The only interest this game generated was the puzzle of how to play it. This piece of software seemed to support the old saying - you only get what you pay for!