Sinclair User

FA Cup Football
By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #76

F. A. Cup Football

It says just about everything about FA Cup Football that the insert is illustrated not with the usual screen shots, but with some lovely photos of athletic footballers. The game itself is so graphically dull that only the most fanatical footie follower would enjoy the process of guiding ten chosen teams through the FA Cup.

You can begin in the first round or go straight through to the third. The league and non-league dubs have home end away performance ratings decided by their real-life results in the last ten years. You choose 10 out of the 128 clubs, and up to 8 players can compete.

The matches are than played to a thrilling background of text, and this happens for round after round until you get to Round Four, where you get the chance to rethink your tactics at half-time. At later stages you also have the chance to bring on substitutes and so on, but you never get involved in the complexities of finance, team lineups, transfers and so forth, as you do in more sophisticated sims.

Overall, I'd say this one deserves the red card.

Overall Summary

Worthy but dull simulation of management tactics in the FA Cup contest.

Chris Jenkins

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