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By Players
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #108


I dunno, there might have been a good idea in here somewhere, but it hasn't quite made it to the surface.

Eliminator is the heart-warming tale of a 'machine encircled by death, that kills but cannot be killed - the Eliminator!'. In fact, it's all too easy to get killed as you hurl your space flier left and right across a scrolling starlane. Basically, this is a car-racing game transferred into outer space, which has the advantage that the flickering raceway doesn't have to be accompanied by any background details. Every so often you get a password to the next level, but there isn't much variation between the various raceways and tunnels.

Destroying obstacles such as flashing beacons and floating aliens scores bonus points, and there are ramps to leap over, weapon and ammo bonuses to pick up, and extra weapons such as dual-fire cannon, side-fire, bouncing bombs, double-fire cannon and - guess what - triple-fire cannon, imaginative. It's not.


With bland graphics and repetitive gameplay. Eliminator doesn't generate much excitement, even on budget. Eliminate it from your shopping list.

Label: Players Price: £2.99 48K Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Overall Summary

Unexciting space-race-shoot-'em-up fails to stir the adrenalin.

Chris Jenkins

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