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Amstrad Action

Classic Muncher
By Bubble Bus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20

Classic Muncher

Classic Muncher is the most recent of the clones to hit the market. As you might have guessed, this is a version of Pac-man.

As with the arcade version of Pac-man, you steer a little muncher around a measly screen. Around and around your little muncher hurries. Suddenly nasty after nasty jumps out from a box device in the middle of the screen. Of course in such instances you just head straight for the power pills, one in each corner. This makes the nasties glow and flash, letting you catch them and tear their delicate legs off one by one, delighting in your show of delinquency, causing delirium as they deliquesce in your muncher's stomach. However, your delusions of diabolism last but a few seconds: they soon bounce back from the central box. [That's enough alliteration - Ed]

Exits on each screen let you go from one side of the screen to the other. Although this game is a clone, it is - I'm thankful - full of variation. Each screen is different. Fruit! As well as munching spots and nasties, you can feast upon the easy prey of fruit and letters, which appear like sitting ducks below the central box. Catch them quick: they don't stay there long. Subsequent screens have letters instead of fruit. If you eat each letter of the word E, X, T, R, A, you will get - surprise surprise! - an extra muncher.

Classic Muncher

I liked this game very much, and the price is very reasonable to splash out. You might no longer have to fix up an appointment with the bank manager to arrange a short-term loan, or a second or third mortgage.

Second Opinion

I don't really approve of rehashing old ideas time after time, but if you must have a Pac-man clone, this is the one to go for. It's slickly produced and enjoyable to play. All clones should be priced like this one, leaving higher price brackets for original games.

Green Screen View

Good clear munching.


Graphics 71%
P. Very good, clear characters.
P. Good choice of colour schemes.

Sonics 57%
P. Standard but good, with very nice music.

Grab Factor 67%
P. Has all the initial addiction of the arcade game.
N. You may be fed up with Pac-man clones

Staying Power 60%
P. The variations on each level make the game much more interesting.
N. Gameplay gets repetitive.

Overall 69%
P. The best Pac-man clone around and cheap.
N. Very unoriginal.


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