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Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #23


Ten-pin bowling is not one of the first things that come to mind when I think of possible computer simulations. Unfortunately, I think Mastertronic fell into the "need for originality" trap with this one.

As with "live" ten-pin bowling, the object of the game is to knock over ten pins with one ball. The inlay says: "Don't expect to master the game after one try." I should be so lucky! It took me eight tries just to get the ball to roll down the alley!


You control the line of the ball by moving the man on the screen left and right at the top of the alley. When you think he is in the right position, you press Up, and he will start his run up. Pressing Fire will make your bloke hold the ball ready to throw it. When you release the Fire button, he will let go of the ball. If you release the ball too soon, your little man will drop it. Releasing it too late will cause him to drop it on his foot. Serves him right.

The instructions go into great detail about the rules of the game. I got lost when it started talking about "turkeys" and stuff. I'm sure it will make sense to you if you are a bowling fan.

Well, the graphics are blocky-tacky [translates as "not very good." I think - Ed]. The sound is forgettable, but I think there is an attempt at a tune there somewhere. The only nice touches are the lifting of the pins and the ball dropping on the foot. It's funny at first, but oh boy, do you grow to hate, detest and despise it!

Second Opinion


I like ten-pin bowling but computer simulations of it leave me cold. I liked the graphics, despite Chris thinking they're "blocky-tacky". The real problem is speed: you don't have to simulate the tedious process of sitting around while the pins are moved, do you? Take my advice and go play the real thing.

First Day Target Score

Beat computer.

Green Screen View

Pin-perfect and clear.


Graphics 63% P. Good animated pickup of pins N. Drab scenery.

Sonics 33% N. Pardon?

Grab Factor 49% N. Difficult to master. N. Pin pickup gets immensely tedious.

Staying Power 52% P. Skill required to achieve any sort of competence. N. Bowling is limited in its variety.

Overall 49% Too boring for me.


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