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Amstrad Action

By Piranha
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #26


This is certainly a new idea for an arcade adventure, but one which I found boring and difficult, not only to get into but also to keep interest in.

You play the part of Flunky - a weird name - the dogsbody of Buckingham Palace. The other characters consist of Andrew, Fergie, Charles, Di, HRH The Queen, and some other non-descript guards and the like. The object of the game is to get the autograph of each member of the Royal family.

Like the first part of Short Circuit, obtaining different things helps you complete the task. The royals will order you to do certain things, which you must do in order to be able to got their autograph. The tasks are varied and difficult, most of the family requiring objects that you'd associate with them.


My biggest criticism is that most of them you will do through guesswork alone, or by trying everything imaginable. It's this sort of thing that I detest. Mainly because I have a short concentration span for mindless things. Graphics are pretty poor, with little variation and nothing above average to mention. Sound is lifeless. Like I say, the game is hard to get into, but who knows? You might like it if you have the patience of a saint and the will of an iron bar. Not my type of game at all I'm afraid.

Second Opinion

Large graphics and an unusual game, but unfortunately there is not much gameplay. The tasks are quite tricky to complete but I couldn't find enough to keep me occupied. A nice idea which fails miserably as a game.

Green Screen View

Everything is clear in green.

First Day Target Score


Get instructions and radio control.


Graphics 51%
P. Quick and easy movement.
N. Single colour characters.

Sonics 12%
N. Boring

Grab Factor 53%
P. Interesting task
N. Takes a while to find anything.

Staying Power 57%
N. Difficult to complete.
N. Too frustrating

Overall 53%
P. Unfulfilled potential, I'm afraid.


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