Personal Compuer Games

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Personal Computer Games #15


Blagger first appeared on the Commodore 64 many moons ago, was converted to the BBC and became a PCG Hit and now finds itself reincarnated on the Amstrad in a very creditable version.

There are twenty screens, repetitive music and what the blurb calls 'a vast array of killing nasties.' The blurb's right too. As Roger the Dodger, the redhaired burglar, you will be confronted by such gruesome sights as disembodied mouths champing at the bit to devour you, homicidal sweeties, lunatic telephones and much more.

Each screen is an arrangement of platforms, conveyor belts and ladders. Roger has to work out how to collect all the keys before getting to the safe and reaching the next screen. It's not easy. Graphics and animation are very good, but the musical accompaniment is tedious. Nevertheless, a creditable version of the game.

Peter Connor

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