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Personal Compuer Games

By Microbyte
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Personal Computer Games #15


The asterisk gives the game away, and a very good version of Q*Bert it is, too. In common with past incarnations of the bouncing creature, 'Er*Bert is a rotund fellow with an unpleasantly large hooter. His only task in life is to bounce around the blocks of various 3D structures, changing their colour as he goes.

Trying to stop him are Boris the gorilla - a smugly jubilant ape - and Coily the snake. For bonus points, you can steal Boris's banana, but this is a very dangerous ploy as the hairy beast gets very, very angry. Cascading balls and a black hole appearing at random are other little difficulties 'Er has to overcome.

At the side of the structures are two transporter rings which provide a means of escape back to the starting point and can also be used to lure Coily and Boris to their doom. This game is an excellent Q'Bert clone, with beautiful graphics and good sound.

Peter Connor

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