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Amstrad Action

Life Expectancy Zero
By Blaby Computer Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #5

Life Expectancy Zero

Older readers may remember a game from the dawn of computer time which was generally known as Light Cycles. You controlled a coloured blob moving around a grid on screen. The computer controlled another blob. The object was to whizz around occupying as much territory as possible for as long as possible, all the while avoiding running into the lines you had laid down or the edges of the screen.

That's what you get in this offering from Blaby. You start against only one computer opponent and work your way through to as many as five. It won't take you long because the computer is really pretty dim and doesn't need much encouragement to tie itself up in knots and commit suicide.

This is a very simple game which will not appeal to the demanding gamester for very long. Graphics are rudimentary, but the the sound does use the DKTronics synthesiser.

Second Opinion

I was initially pleased to see this version of the old games of Surround and Gridcycles (from Tron) but after cracking it on the first game this nostalgia didn't last long. Seldom have I encountered a computer opponent so inept; it was like playing against the Keystone Kops in a demolition derby. The scrolling title screen is nice, but the gameplay would put an insomniac to sleep.

Good News

P. May stoke the fires of nostalgia.

Bad News

N. Slow.
N. Far too easy.
N. No staying power.

Peter Connor

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