Asterix (Melbourne House) Review | Amstrad Action - Everygamegoing

Amstrad Action

By Melbourne House
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #17


True to Melbourne House's style, Asterix is a beat-'em-up style game. Obelix accidentally shatters the magic cauldron, sending pieces flying. You (as Asterix) and Obelix must find all the pieces and bring them back to the village. While searching, you will encounter Romans and wild boar, which must be fought off.

Green Screen View

All is visible.

Good News

P. Nice to see Asterix on the computer screen.
P. Large colourful sprites resembling those unconquerable cartoon Gauls.

Bad News

N. Fighting scenes are a joke; they jump up and down like the highland fling.
N. Awful flickering at the best of times. Occasionally half a character will disappear and not return for a loooonng time.
N. Collision detection is virtually non-existent.

Bob Wade