Home Computing Weekly

By Elite
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #109

Airwolf is a game based upon flying a helicopter through a series of caves and tunnels in order to rescue scientists. Then you must escape. There are many ways through the caverns - it's up to you to find the correct one.

The helicopter you control is affected by gravity and also has momentum. This would add some reality to the game if the helicopter wasn't so large. The problem is that you are controlling a fast cumbersome object in a small screen space. When the screen scrolls to show more of the cavern you do not have time to slow down, manoeuvre or stop before you hit the walls. On further screens with moving obstacles to avoid I found that playing the game was totally impossible.

To get between caverns you may have to flick a switch or shoot a hole in the wall. There are no rules that apply to all caverns - it is basically a trial and error game. There are occasional arrows hidden in the cave walls which point out clues to the exit. These are a great help and very valuable to the player's success.

The graphics and sound are extremely good. All screen displays seem to contain a lot of detail and colour. Scrolling is smooth and flicker-free.

The instructions are very poor. They do not tell you how to play the game or exactly what your aims are. There are only a few paragraphs of waffle that tell you just what you already know - nothing.


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