Your Sinclair

A Question of Sport
By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #62

A Question Of Sport

Oh, it's A Question Of Sport. Crikey, still here? Unsurprisingly, this one's based on the 'popular' telly quiz show, which means you get loads of digitised pics of loveable David, Bill and Ian (but sadly, no Emlyn) to drool over, and all the same rounds too. But the big problem is that every round just boils down to a question and answer affair - which tends to get a bit tedious after a very, very short while.

I'm not too sure how tricky the questions are, but my Dad (who's been upstairs playing the thing all afternoon) says that there're not worryingly hard. A new block of questions is loaded in every four games to avoid repetition - quite a good idea really. And it's nicely presented too, although this does slow play down a bit 'cos you have to wait for hours whilst David wibbles away endlessly between rounds (as he does).

Certainly worth a look if this sort of thing sounds like your idea of entertainment, but me? My copy's on its way to Jonathan Davies as we speak. Heh heh.

Rich Pelley

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