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By Alternative
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #61


You've read the book (er, if there was one), seen the film, peeled the onion and been round to your granny's house for tea. So, er, now play the game. If you haven't played it already that is, because (quelle surprise) this is yet another re-release.

An arcade adventure re-release to be exact, bargain hunters, where you have to flip-screen left and right in a small submarine (avoiding/blasting deadly fish), locate the four bits of a special shark gun, catch up with shark-breath himself and give him one right up the botty. And that's about it really, at least for the 48K members of the audience. 128ers however have also got the beaches to worry about - you have to keep an eye on where around the coastline Jaws is. and shut/close the relevant beaches (for obvious safety reasons).

I haven't actually seen the film (that sort of thing's a bit too scary for me) so I can't tell you how relevant the game is, but I can tell you that it's quite good. Loads of colour, weapons and treasure to collect, puzzles to solve, nicely presented, addictive, playable, and, if perhaps a little tedious, it still makes a pretty tasty barg to snap up (ho ho).

Rich Pelley

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