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The Rainbow Collection
By Ocean
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #6

The Rainbow Collection

Cutie alert! Cutie alert! If you hate anything fluffy, cuddly or loveable, stop reading now. The first release on Ocean's new Addicted To Fun compilations label comprises three of the most adorably sweet (or grindingly twee and sickly, depending on your viewpoint) games ever to grace the Amiga.

There's The New Zealand Story, featuring Tiki the kiwi on a mission to rescue all his kiwi chums, who've been kidnapped by an evil giant walrus. Then there's Bubble Bobble, in which Bub and Bob the dinosaurs strive to rescue their girlfriends from the evil Baron Von Blubba by trapping nasty monsters inside bubbles and popping them. And finally (Cyril) there's Rainbow Islands, the sequel to Bubble Bobble where Bub and Bob's sons, Bubby and Bobby, have to rescue their dads and the rest of their family from the evil Prince of Darkness who has imprisoned them on a series of islands which are slowly sinking into the sea. All of the games feature in the Amiga Power All-Time Top 100, at positions 19, 53 and Number One respectively.

Now, the fact of the matter is that any self-respecting Amiga owner should already have all of these games. Still, there are doubtless some of you out there who are new to the whole business, so here's a quick rundown on why you should get out and buy this compilation right now. The New Zealand Story, far from being just a pretty face, is one of the most challenging and addictive arcade games you're ever likely to play. The gorgeous graphics are the most striking feature, but the toughness of the gameplay in some of the later levels is astounding. Bubble Bobble is one of the best ever games for two people playing simultaneously, and its hundred levels provide a challenge to test the most talented of gamers.

And Rainbow Islands? As the mathematically-competent among you will already have deduced, Rainbow Islands is, in our not-even-slightly-humble opinion, the best Amiga game that there has ever been. The ridiculously simple gameplay hides a myriad of hidden features and bonuses, and the difficulty is perfectly balanced so that anyone can play the first few levels, but hardly anyone's ever finished it. In common with the other two titles it's a superb (though not quite perfect) conversion of the coin-op, and it's so playable it almost defies belief. If you haven't got it, go and stick your head in a bucket of water until you see sense.

At less than seven quid a game, this compilation could well be the best value-for-money the Amiga has ever seen. I just can't recommend it highly enough.

The Bottom Line

Are you clinically insane? In prison? Totally stupid? A hammerhead shark? If the answer to all these questions is no, go out and buy The Rainbow Collection today. In fact, even if it isn't, buy The Rainbow Collection anyway.

Stuart Campbell

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