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Super Cars
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #4

Super Cars

Continuing what seems to be shaping into a trend in the software biz at the mo, Gremlin have followed up the release of this game's sequel, Super Cars II (surprisingly enough), with a budget re-run of the original, perhaps for fans of the later games whose appetites have been whetted (or maybe just to make some more dosh without writing any new games).

Whatever, this is a great game, considerably more playable in my opinion than its much-feted offspring. Your car handles better, the courses test your driving skill more than your powers of memory or your weapon capability, the tracks are short enough to avoid repetitiveness and boredom (a problem with Super Cars II) and there are also fewer cars crowding the wider roads, so you get a chance to build up a bit of speed now and again (Super Cars II was a very stop-start affair).

In its own right though, Super Cars is an excellent overhead-view racer in the Super Sprint mould, and even if you own the sequel, I'd strongly recommend you splash out on this.

The Bottom Line

The music is pretty appalling, but - hey! - nothing's perfect. A superior game to its big brother, at a third of the price. A serious bargain.

Stuart Campbell

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