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Ghostbusters II
By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #9

Ghostbusters II

We featured this in the 'Oh Dear' column in issue two, so it shouldn't take the more alert among you long to figure out that it's not much cop. Three incredibly thin sub-games are executed with a passable level of competence, but the design is so lame and uninspired that very few players are likely to bother getting as far as the third one.

Lovely graphics and sampled music make this one look like quite a professional effort, but it's a classic case of all style and no content. Intrusive and annoying disk-swapping puts the tin lid on the whole thing, and if you still go out and buy this game after everything everyone's said about it, then you deserve everything you get. Which, in this case, won't be very much.

The Bottom Line

Dreadful film licence which epitomises everything that's wrong with the genre. Sell your body to medical science *while you're still using it* rather than form out any cash on this lump of unforgiveable tosh.

Stuart Campbell

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