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Street Fighter
By Kixx
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #4

Street Fighter

This conversion of the Capcom coin-op was one of US Gold's flagship releases back in 1989. The huge graphics of the arcade game concealed some pretty basic gameplay, but it was still reasonable fun.

Sadly, that's not something you can say about this version - it's utterly dreadful. The graphics come across pretty well, but the actual animation is disgraceful, it's incredibly slow to play and unresponsive to control, and the level of challenge is simply non-existent.

On my very first go I won nineteen of the game's twenty bouts, and on forcing myself (well, several large men with crowbars had to force me actually, but that's a technical point) to play it again, I completed the whole thing.

Street Fighter

When you consider that IK+ is also available at the same budget price, you'd need to be particularly stupid to even think about getting this game.

Don't be fooled by the pretty screen, this is pitiful trash of the very highest (or should that be lowest?) order.

The Bottom Line

Even if you love beat-'em-ups, you'll hate Street Fighter. How US Gold can have the brass neck to release it twice is totally beyond me.

Stuart Campbell

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