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Seymour Goes To Hollywood
By Codemasters
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #19

Seymour Goes To Hollywood

Whether you view Seymour as the greatest thing since, er, Dizzy or just another loathsome manifestation of the Codies' perpetual struggle to be 'loved' is, of course, a matter of opinion. But, as my The Last Resort postbag seems to reveal each month, he appears to be just as popular as his stablemates. Hmm.

Well, here he is in Hollywood, and as usual he can carry up to three objects and use them to solve puzzles. I didn't manage to crack too many of these, as before long I found myself lost in a maze. That shouldn't stop Seymour fans, though - in situations like this it's on with the light and out with the squared paper.

The graphics are as bright and (potentially) cheerful as ever, the puns as unfunny and the locations just as numerous. It's undeniably good value for money, especially for the 'younger player'.

I do think it's about time the Codies discovered the art of the directable jump, though. The ability to alter course in mid-air has become as much a part of platform games as the platforms themselves, and I feel lost without it. And another thing: if Seymour is to entrusted with the education of our youth he really ought to brush up on his grammar. It's dreadful, and even the instructions are full of clangers.

The Bottom Line

It seems you can't go wrong with Codies puzzley platform games, and here's another. Not as good as the best Dizzy games, though.

Jonathan Davies

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