Amiga Power


Author: Jonathan Davies
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #3


A projectile is an object designed to be shot forwards, something like a cannon shell, bullet or rocket. Replace the 'i' with a 'y', however, and you've suddenly got a suitably futuristic yet aggressive computer game-type name. What's more, seeing as how Projectyle (the game) does indeed feature an object designed to be shot forwards (the ball), it's an apt one too.

There are quite a few other objects in it as well, but they're not designed to be shot forwards. There are the players, five on each side. There are power-ups, which just sort of sit there until someone picks them up. There are the teams, three per mathc, which are designed to play against each other. And there's the pitch, which is spread over five rooms, each of which has a player from every team in it and some goals that're just, well, designed.

What you've got to do is knock the ball about and try to score as many goals as possible, something that isn't facilitated by the ice skating-style controls. And that's about it as far as 'things to say about it' are concerned. It really is that straightforward. And it's very fast and lots of fun - especially if you're playing with a couple of chums (you can have up to three players at once). If you're mate-less I'd think it'd place a bit of a question mark over lasting appeal, but it remains a simple, action-packed concept that works. At this price you should at least consider it.

The Bottom Line

Fiercely competitive mix of air hockey and Speedball - far better with friends than on your own though.

Jonathan Davies

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