Amstrad Computer User

Myth: History In The Making
By System 3
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #66

Myth: History In The Making

A fine mixture of arcade and adventure as you battle your way through the shadier side of history.

From the past comes the future, from the future comes the destruction of the past. As titans battle and gods bicker, the forces of evil choose their moment well, and pounce. Through the manipulation of the past, the dark god Dameron seeks to destroy mankind, and only a child pure of heart and staunch in his beliefs can purge this evil. Only you can save the world.

As you set out on your quest, the dead rise with a jerking gait to bring you down. A well-placed fist can alleviate the troubled animations of their miserable existence and reward the hero with a skull. While bashing skeletons and leaping from platform to platform, you will encounter closed chests and vases which, when given a hefty boot, will reveal extra energy along with powerful fireballs. To switch from one attack form to another, hit the space bar and scroll through your inventory of destructive items.

Myth: History In The Making

Breaking skulls and timing jumps is only part of the game as you will face many puzzles in your quest for the teleport icons which will send you spinning through the centuries. But to get to these icons means battling past monsters of ferocious proportions, and make sure you have the right weapon with you when you do or you could meet with an untimely end. Past Achilles and Greek myth, you travel to the realm of the Norse gods.

Overcoming beasts of earth and fire, you must travel until you encounter the corrupted lord of gods, Odin. No ordinary weapon will be of any use here, but this once noble god must be dispatched with if progress is your aim.

Much of the game's puzzle revolves around finding a use for the many items you can collect on the way and, although the instruction manual provides a few hints, the rest is up to you. It is no easy task, especially as you work your weary way through the mysteries of the Egyptian era and beyond.

Myth: History In The Making

When a being of evil dimensions takes a swing at your head, don't duck. In this game down means a small upwards leap, if you see what I mean, and it can land you in some very tricky situations, like a pit of fire, for example.

Many of the items you collect are limited in number, so judicious use is recommended. Another tip is to keep your eyes open, even in retreat, as there are many hostile features in the landscape. The aforementioned pits of fire are deadly, but the first level is also interspersed with fume holes. Stand on one of these during an eruption and your health suffers.

The animation of the minor baddies of these mythological climes is good. As you strike, they react by staggering back before once more launching themselves into the fray. When battling with the monstrous guardians, a far cooler head is needed. These fearsome beings may not move, but the barrage of missiles they can inflict upon the hero is staggering. The best way of getting through to them is to find a relatively safe place to stand and jump up.

Although a little confusing at first, controlling the hero is good once you get the hang of it. But beware, the guardians are tough and the puzzles, though not overtaxing, are enough to put you off balance for a while. Myth brings together a fine mixture of arcade and adventure as you battle your way through the shadier side of history.

Adrian Pumphrey

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