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Midnight Resistance
By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #75

Midnight Resistance

Take on the ruthless Commissar in a desperate bid to save the world.

Time to pick up your machine gun again as the crazed megalomaniacs prepare to take over the world. You're fighting not only for democracy, but also for your own family in this allaction shooty from Ocean.

The evil forces have kidnapped your entire family, including your world famous scientist grandfather. Using his weapons research knowhow, the Commissar intends to force the world leaders into submission and exert his will over the Earth.

Midnight Resistance

Only you are brave enough and strong enough to get out there and attempt to put things right. Can you rescue your family before it's too late? You'd better! - King Crimson is the maniac, and by the looks of the forces he's got at his command, you're going to have to be good to fight your way through. Over nine levels of frantic action, be prepared to face the worst as Crimson throws everything he's got at you.

To start off with, things don't look too bad. Use the jeep for cover as armed combatants leap towards you. Scale the turrets and knock out the gun emplacements before taking on the first of many supercharged tanks.

Keep a calm head on the killing fields, as some of your enemies may drop keys when you've finished them off. You can only carry six at a time, but once you've located the weapons room at the end of each level, they'll come in very handy to supplement your armoury, even if they were stolen from your more unfortunate predecessors who failed.

Midnight Resistance

As you progress, be sure to pick the right weapons as you come up against the lethal circular saws, mechanised snakes and some awesome airborne fighters amongst others, on your way to Crimson's final hideout.

The game could be a little bit more colourful but the scrolling is smooth, with more than enough action to keep you busy. Controlling your character is easy to get used to and with the crawl option, you should be able to position yourself nicely, to avoid being shot while you deal out death.

Listen out for some very realistic explosions as the mechanoids go up in flames but be careful not to get carried away in the attack. You only have limited amounts of ammo for each of your weapons, so use it wisely. To change what you're using, simply press the space bar and you're in a whole new ballgame.

If you like your action hard and fast, then run hell for leather through all nine levels of this furious shoot-emup and you'll certainly get your money's worth. The gameplay is varied, the opposition is formidable and you'll need to play it a few times before you work out the best moves to see you through the early stages.

Brad Fisher

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