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Line Of Fire
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #78

Line Of Fire

Out with brains and in with brawn on a blast-'em-up back home.

"If it moves, shoot it!"

Sound advice from the US Gold crew in this all-action race to get back to the safety of your own camp.

Line Of Fire

I've got no sympathy for you, though. I mean, you were the one who volunteered to go in behind enemy lines to steal that Rapier machine gun from the terrorists weren't you? What do you mean, you only went to the shops to buy the game? I don't believe that for a second.

Anyway and whatever, you are now stuck well and truly behind enemy lines, and only sheer fire power as well as a fair bit of ducking and weaving is going to see you through this pretty fair shoot-'em-up.

Level one has you in possession of the all-important gun inside the enemy camp and, with unlimited firepower, take a deep breath, yell: "Gun Ho!" as loud as you can and let 'em have it.

Line Of Fire

Twist and turn through the alleyways, blasting the opposition as you go and make your way to the jeep that's waiting to take you over the next arduous stage in the jungle.

It's tough going, especially as you have to take out the enemy bombs from the planes and helicopters, as well as dealing with the soldiers in the bush.

Get to level three and the action is getting pretty fierce out there. Trade your jeep for a speed boat and attack the white waters, watching out for rocks as the terorists continue their aerial and ground onslaught.

Line Of Fire

Survive the perils of the water and you're doing pretty well, but can you cope with the crevices of the rocky canyon? There's a potential assassin waiting behind every rock and you'll need to be quick with your sights to get to the trigger first.

Along the same lines, the shoot-out in the ruined city is all about speed again. Beware of snipers hidden behind barrels and in doorways; if they reach the trigger first, it's all over.

We're getting pretty close to home now, so you'll have to be particularly on your guard. There's nothing worse than getting wiped out just before the end and missing out on the medals!

Line Of Fire

Jump aboard your plane and high-tail it out of that god-forsaken place. Avoid the jets, then head for the jungle again, where the enemy missiles, their last line of defence, are waiting for you.

Line Of Fire is a superb offering because of its sheer scope and variety. There's plenty to see and do, without getting overly repetitive. The graphics are fair and the sound effects nicely realistic.

If you get into too much bother, don't forget your grenades, while the red cross boxes should sort out the minor injuries.

The gameplay is fast and, above all, Line Of Fire is fun. There's no worrying about strategy; just pure, unadulterated blast action, which should keep you busy long enough to make it well worth getting hold of.

Brad Fisher

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