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By Players
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #77


Last, but by no means least, in this little selection from Players' Collectors Edition series, is the magical powerplay of Mervyn, the sorcerer's apprentice who's managed to turn himself into a frog.

Set over eight levels of dungeon, your task is to explore each room, take on warlocks by engaging them in ritual combat and finally gain enough spell power to resume human form.

Over the first four levels of this excellent offering, progress isn't too bad, as the warlocks aren't over-powerful. However, each is guarded by his own evil minions, so you have to wade through that lot before you can reach your prey.


Some of the rooms you enter will have mysterious symbols carved into the floor, which can be used to enhance your spell power or show you where you need to go.

Get onto the last four levels and you begin to meet up with some pretty wicked necromancers. Tough going indeed.

All in all, Rana Rama is an excellent combination of adventure, action and puzzle. With some cute graphics and a nice, atmospheric soundtrack, it's excellent value for money on the budget label.

Brad Fisher

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