Personal Computer News

By Martech
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #058


The game for someone who wants to fight mutating aliens accompanied by a Bach Fugue. A distant cousin of JS Bach fell asleep, and dreamt in technicolor of views which he would have seen through an electron microscope (if he had had one at his disposal).

Your aim is to blast Zoids out of existence, with the laser of your Plectoid - none too easy as the enemy require more energy to eliminate them as they become more mature. This is a solo game, and offers a number of levels of difficulty, measured in rounds which you progress through automatically. You start with three lives, losing one whenever the Zoids touch your Plectoid ship.

Your energy level is replenished by your colleagues who float about your ship in space suits. Unfortunately, they are in suits of planned obsolescence: they blow up if you don't pick them up, (by putting your ship into contact with them). You score 100 points for each man picked up, and you score higher numbers of points according to how far the mutation process has gone before you blow up the developing zoids. At the right of the screen display is a constantly updated scoreboard, with how many lives you have left. Unfortunately, the later rounds do not offer a change of scenery. You merely have to work faster.

While there is excellent high speed joystick response, good graphics, smooth animation, good use of colour and sound, the game is too repetitious to retain your interest for very long.

Geof Wheelwright

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