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Bomber Run
By Softcell
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #058


You must land your plane because it is fast running out of fuel, to which end, the city below must be destroyed by bombs. The game gives you the option of joystick or keyboard controls. The joystick facility is a non-starter, there is only one control needed (drop bomb).

This resembles the Commodore-produced Vic 20 game. The aim and keyboard controls are even the same but here the screen layout is superior. The plane flies across the screen in both directions and you have a choice of levels, which Blitz did not. The city is much clearer and there are moving clouds.

With the city destroyed, your plane is refuelled while the pilot jumps for joy and the game moves up a level. There's a high score table and an option to change levels or quite, as well as a demo mode.

Bomber Run

The high-flying jet (biplane on level 5) circles ever lower as the fuel runs out. (There is an unlimited supply of bombs.) Once a bomb has been dropped, no more may be dropped until it has hit the ground, which limits you to the best shots to get the highest score or finish the game. Should you successfully complete a game the plane lands and the pilot goes for a little spin around the screen while the plane refuels. The plane then heads skywards and the game starts again.

Should the plane crash there's a technicolour explosion and the game restarts. At this point you can change levels, end the game or see the demo mode. If this was the first of the bomber range of games it would have to be judged as very good.

All in all, Bomber Run with its added features beats Blitz to the end of the runway but it's all been done before and it's tame stuff today.

Geof Wheelwright

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