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By Romik
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #058


Just the thing for billiards players: this is a spoof on the game for two players. They control a ball each and have to pocket a red ball. Each cue ball is controlled by joystick.

As they move cue balls gather speed, only slowing down after collisions and not always then, which makes them hard to control.

Romik have added a note on the instructions: "Bending the joysticks will not make the balls go any faster." This is certainly true - you have to learn other techniques to beat your opponent.


The players score points whenever they pot the red ball or hit their opponent's ball immediately after potting the red. Points also go to the player who hits the red ball first, after a collision of cue balls. If the opponent's cue ball is pocketed, points are scored against them, and the first player to reach 50 points wins the game.

If nothing else, the game follows in much the same spirit as full-size billiards - but compacted down to a 26in cathode ray tube.

The initial screen display is a pool table with three balls. One red ball, one white and one black. The back and white are the cue balls. At the start of each game the balls are placed in a line each on their own spots. The balls are re-spotted each time one is pocketted.

The sooner you get used to the unusual operation of the joysticks the better. The score is displayed along with a coloured indicator, to show potential scores. One of the best ploys is to keep between the red ball and the opponent's ball. The only drawback to Pottit is the need for two joysticks but it would not be the same game without the joystick controls. The game is original, responsive and entertaining.

Geof Wheelwright

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