Amstrad Computer User

International 3D Tennis

Author: Chris Knight
Publisher: Empire
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #71

Take on the top seeds and win your way through to the Wimbledon final.

International 3D Tennis

When it comes to the computer tennis scene, Palace has got it all wrapped up, game, set and match, with this excellent 3D package.

Before we go into the vast number options included within the game, a quick note on the players themselves might be helpful: don't expect to recognise any of your favourite aces out there on the court.

Each of the contestants looks like a pipe-cleaner person. There are white pipe-cleaners and black pipe-cleaners and black pipe-cleaners and you usually take on the role of the black one in the one player games.

International 3D Tennis

Now we've got that out of the way, don't let it distract you from buying this superb simulator. In fact, the pipe-cleaner people give the game a further touch of originality from other offerings on the market.

Getting into the game, you have the choice of amateur, semi-pro, pro and ace, each with their own distinguishing features.

As an amateur, you don't have much say over serving or spinning the ball, just make sure you cover the court area and try not to overhit the ball. When using the semi-pro option, you get to have a go at serving in your own style. Use the joystick to direct the ball, and keep your finger on the trigger to adjust the strength; a little drop serve could help to confuse your opponent.

International 3D Tennis

Taking on the role of a pro, you will notice a certain lack of assistance from the computer, namely the omission of the flashing player when you need to hit the ball. From now on, you're on your own.

If you feel up to Ace status, you get the added option of putting top and bottom spin on the tennis ball to speed it up or slow it down after the bounce.

Got the hang of all that? Right, well it's tournament time for you then kiddo. There is a full selection of 72 real Grand Slam and other competitions for you to enter, and if you do well, there are plenty of big bucks to be earned on the circuit.

International 3D Tennis

If that still wasn't enough, you can even take on a whole season of top class tennis, saving and reloading your game to reenact a year in the life of a top class pro.

That's the jist of the game, but to spice it up even more, you get a choice of four different playing surfaces, the chance to view the court from ten different camera angles, and a handy option to handicap your opponent, or a friend of course.

Using excellent 3D real time animation, and featuring some marvellous TV tennis music, no tennis fan could fail to be impressed by International 3D Tennis. It may take you some time to master all of the strokes, just like the real thing, but once you've got the hang of it and you've got used to the rather curious looking figures, you'll be glued to the court 'til Wimbledon comes around again next year.

Chris Knight

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