Amstrad Computer User


Author: Chris Knight
Publisher: U. S. Gold
Machine: Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #77


Compilations just seem to be getting better and better value for money these days, and this little collection of Sega conversions is no exception to the rule.

Turbo OutRun

Starting off with a bang, it's off to LA in the race of the century in Turbo Outrun. Travelling from city to city in a non-stop race against the clock, those of you who have dared the ever changing road conditions of this blast will know that it's a pretty good driving game in its own right.

The scrolling might have been a tad on the slow side, but there was plenty of tense action to keep you burning up fuel to the bitter end.

Dynamite Dux

Next up is Dynamite Dux, a real cute punch-'em-up which has you taking on allcomers in a desperate bid to rescue Lucy from the clutches of Achacha.

Use your high-powered punch to do your dirty work 'til you can get your hands on some more powerful stuff in this extremely colourful game. Its fast, it's fun and as part of a compilation, it's even better value than it was to start with. Dux fans will no doubt be jumping for joy by now.

Super Wonder Boy

Another faithful fan club which has reason to rejoice is the Super Wonder Boy brigade. Here he is in Monster Land in all his glory. Ok, so the game lacked a bit of colour, but the gameplay is superb. It's certainly one of my favourites, combining superb action with some true adventure style hints and tips at the shop.

This one is worth its weight in gold and a must for any serious gamester.

Crack Down

Next up is the epic bomb placing dash of Crack Down. Five mega Sega conversions take time off to give you plenty to shout home about.

Sixteen levels of frantic action against the Replicants in a desperate bid to blast open Dr K's fortress make this one or two player offering a real must for shootie fiends.

Thunder Blade

Last on the list, Thunder Blade, sees you up, up and away in your supercharged chopper, bombing and shooting the rebels who are overrunning your peaceloving country. Excellent graphics and plenty of nonstop blasting should keep you occupied for a fair while.


All in all, I'd say you're getting a whole lot for your money with this little lot. Each of the games has its own distinctive style and what may be lacking in one game is more than adequately compensated for in another, giving a very well-balanced overall product that'll be a must, even if you've already got one or two of the blasts on the compilation.

Chris Knight

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