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Cup Football
By Cult Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #76

Cup Football

Aaaaargh! Not another one! Yes indeed, and this one's not at all bad in fact. OK, so it's footie management again, but this one's got the added excitement of European Cup Football.

With 40 teams up for the title, you must make sure that whichever team you choose comes through the qualifying rounds unscathed. If you get hit with some early defeats, your reputation will certainly precede you, but it won't exactly be the reputation you desire.

Check your own personal rating to see how you're doing, field the best eleven you've got and give it your best shot.

Don't forget, there are some lucrative TV deals around nowadays so, if you make it through the early rounds and manage to get a tasty second round draw, you could find your earnings doubling overnight. That's the idea anyway, unfortunately though, it doesn't happen too often and you'll need to fight every inch of the way to get through.

Chris Knight

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