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Grand Prix
By D&H
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #79

The championship is yours for the taking, but you'll nned some nifty bargaining to get there.

Grand Prix

Watching the old Grand Prix races on the box can give you a pretty one-sided view of events leading up to the big race. The glamour, the advertising, the glory of victory and the magnum of Champagne on the winner's rostrum.

But what about the hassle of actually getting your car up for the race in the first place?

In this extremely clever management offering from D&H games, not only do you get a chance at glory, but you also get get to wallow in the muck and mire of getting the preparations just right to succeed.

Grand Prix

First of all, who pays for the massive costs of putting a formula 1 car on the track? What about fuel, tyres, wages for driver and pit crew?

Exactly. You're going to need some pretty hefty sponsors, as well as a very understanding bank manager if you want to get past the starting grid.

It's all very well having a top class driver, but if your pit crew don't know a piston ring from a transmission arm, I don't rate your chances in either the Driver or Construction Championships.

Grand Prix

Ok. So you've got some pretty big money up front from Pirelli, Shell and other big names. Your tyres, engine and fuel are being well subsidised, and you're looking a pretty good bet on the grid. Now what? Well, there's nothing to stop you taking out a small flutter on your car before the big race. Especially if you've had a good showing in the practice laps.

On to the big day itself. Get the pit crew in order, and wait for the green flag. Using some nifty keyboard controls, you can keep a track of your position and call your car in at any time.

If you've got problems, the keyboard can point your mechanics in the right direction. A quick refuel and your man is out on the track again.

Just as in real management, you have the power to hire and fire at will, but be careful not to take on too many employees, or leave big gaps in your maintenance crew.

With some clever forethought and canny control of your team, you never know, you might just make it up there onto the rostrum, with a nice fat share of the prize money.

As a management game, Grand Prix is jam-packed with options and decisions to be made. You really are in total control and, mall some neat race day graphics, Grand Prix all adds up to an excellent package, well worth getting hold of. You can almost smell the grease and oil from the pits and, if you want to succeed you'll have to get right up to your elbows in it.

Chris Knight

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