Personal Computer News

By English
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #102


Witchswitch is an arcade game with a very original theme. The idea is to navigate your way through a number of screens in time to save a village from being destroyed by an erupting volcano.

Your ultimate destination is the evil witch's lair where a magic powder has to be dropped into her cauldron. This will convert her to the cause of good (hence Witchswitch) and she'll fly off to save the village.

At any time, a press of the space bar replaces the scrolling screen with a picture of the village and the progress of the lava flow from the volcano. Another press and you're back to the point where you left off.


The initial screen shows a leprechaun with a rope. You must first make him lasso a nearby monkey and then steer both of them across a swamp, leaping from toadstool to toadstool. Marauding birds can be fended off with a well-aimed flick of the monkey's tail but you must take care not to let the rope be severed by snapping plants.

Other screens involve you pelting dive-bombing ravens with pebbles, turning into an owl, leaping a broomstick with torpedo tendencies, dodging thunderclouds and lightning bolts and fighting snakes, tortoises, beetles, snails and sundry other insects.

The graphics are attractive (but not a patch on English's superb Henry's House) and the game is certainly unusual, to say the least. Worth trying out.

Bob Chappell

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