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Kong Strikes Back
By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #096


Ol' hairy is back again, still with a damsel in distress in tow. This time Kong has sought refuge in a fun fair.

The first screen shows a Roller Coaster at the top of which Kong has perched his yelling captive. When you have to do is guide your man around the track until the Pinnacle is reached. Kong releases four cars down the coaster - if one hits you, you go bouncing around the screen, finally coming to rest back at the start.

There are two ways of dealing with the runaway cars. You can release a bomb in their path, but as this only blows up the lead car, you might not have time to fire another before the next car arrives. A simpler method is to shin up one of several ladders, and let the cars pass over or below you.

Kong Strikes Back

Once at the top, you have to move right past the damsel to make Kong reappear otherwise nothing will happen and you won't move on to the next of the four screens.

Screen two is very similar to the first. It has a different track layout, and there are some bouncing balls, but it's still the same mixture as before. The remaining screens promise waltzers, horses and springs.

The background music is great and the animation is impressively smooth. The drawback is that the first two screens are too similar, and the fact that there's only four screens means that the challenge is very limited.

Bob Chappell

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