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By Aardvark
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer News #074

Stone-age Suicide

Stone-Age Suicide

Come with me, if you will, back to days BC, or even BBC-BC, when Poglets ruled the world and the expression "Frak!" was commonly heard down at the Caveman's Arms.


In this arcade challenge all you have to do is play the part of a Trogg and survive leaping across platforms and running up and down ladders, just as in a hundred other arcade games.

First Impressions

Though the packaging looks cheap, you know the game isn't as soon as it's loaded, and you get an impression of the quality of the graphics when you're introduced to the characters involved, i.e. the Trogg, and the monsters Scrubbly, Hooter and Poglet. Don't let their appealing hairy features fool you, they'll part you from one of your three lives all too easily should you barge into them.

In Play

You run and jump along the linked series of platforms, and up and down the ladders, collecting the bulbs and gems for bonuses, as well as the occasional key for another bonus based on time remaining on a counter. The monsters lounge around, usually in the most awkward places but, fear not, you are armed with that most deadly of weapons, the yo-yo, which was all the stone age rage. One deadly swing from your yo-yo (using the RETURN key) and the monster meets its maker.

Also impeding your progress are daggers and balloons... probably inflated mammoth bladders, but I'm only guessing. These float straight upwards from the floor, while daggers descend diagonally from the top: the result of a close encounter? A cry of Frak! and a life lost.

The screen scrolls automatically from right to left, so you don't get a series of consecutive screens as in Manic Miner, for example. You just keep on going... The graphics are first-class, very funny and colourful, with the Trogg loping along on his little legs. Accuracy could be improved. Daggers pass beneath your feet or way over your head and before you know it: Frak!

A slight problem lies with the control keys: using RETURN to swing the yo-yo is rather awkward. But these minor complaints don't really detract from a first-class, difficult game... players who love to twiddle their fingers to try and score millions should be well satisfied.


Frak! is a smooth, difficult and amusing game, with good sound, and is well worth seeking out for the graphics.

Mike Gerrard

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